Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Windell's Unsung Hero - CAR MAN!

After being run over by a radioactive car, Jack Fender became Car Man. Car Man has the speed and strength of a car. He is built like a Buick. He has the ability to communicate with cars. He has his own inbuilt radio on which he picks up emergency police calls.

Car Man was invented by Windell Comics staffer Howie Krump who said of his creation 'I saw all these heroes like Bat Man or Aqua Man and I thought why not Car Man. Kids much prefer cars to bats and water. I mean who gives a damn about water? Water? ...Jezuz, gimme a break.'

'As long as you're not in front of it or under it, the car is your friend' was the famous phrase used by Car Man to warn his young readers about road safety. Since then, Car Man has undergone a reimagining (pictured above) and is now a dark and morally ambiguous character. These days, Car Man is far more likely to issue threats like 'so buddy, how about I make you eligible for disabled parking?' than show a child how to use traffic lights. Although the new Car Man is a best seller, it's not popular with everyone. As Car Man creator Krump himself opines: 'My Car Man was a hero. He's just a nut now. I don't like the way he drinks and weeps because he can't stop sleeping with hookers. It's weird. Real shame I've no rights to the character but that was Milt Windell for ya.'